How to grow orchids

How to grow orchids

How to grow orchids

Many people believe that home environment is not comparable to greenhouse environment as it is difficult to grow beautiful orchids. The common misconception mainly comes from people falsely care for their plants. In facts, one can successfully grow beautiful orchids with correct maintenance.

Correct Maintenance

Temperature and Lighting 

Provide shading and avoid direct sunlight as the direct exposure will cause yellowing and shriveling of the orchid leaves, normal house lighting is recommended with temperature control between 25 to 29. Various plant working mechanisms rely on proper temperature and lightinh. Be aware of air quality and humidity as air float is important and orchids cannot be placed in air conditioning rooms.


Summertime: Water the orchids once in 5-12 days;

Wintertime: Water the orchids once in 10-15 days.

Avoid over-watering as it will cause the roots to rot..


Prior to applying fertilizer, please wet the roots. Dilute according to the instruction and do not increase the concentration. Beginners should further dilute and not less fertilization is better fertilization. Practice fertilization only once a week or once in two weeks. Orchid fertilizations can be bought in common supermarkets.

Blooming Care

During the blooming stage, it is essential to keep an optimum temperature  between 20 thus be aware of suitable temperate to better the quality and longer blooming time when placing orchids to a room. Please be reminded of the importance of air float and necessary lighting for the continuance of the orchids bloom. Snip off the dried up flower stalk, repeat the care for the next blooming.



Have fun growing beautiful orchids.